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Expat housing services

MVA certified expat brokers

DMC mission is to provide our clients with a solid business advice and to represent our clients interest with the highest level of professionalism, intelligence and integrity in the industry.

To help sellers maximize return on their investment and to help buyers make intelligent purchasing decisions. Our offices in Overveen and Haarlem have a professional team of brokers and specialist to provide you with the best service.

Buying a home can be an overwhelming process. However, it is our belief that with the right agent by your side, buying a home can be a satisfying and successful experience.

By tapping our wealth of local knowledge, contacts and resources, our buyers are better positioned to find and secure the home of their choice on the best possible terms and price. In many cases, our local and prominent presence in the industry has given our buyers additional advantages. For example, in some cases we are able to tap our network and find “off-market” properties for our clients. In other cases, our credibility and track record with our colleagues has helped our clients win the property of their choice in competitive situations.

As an expat it can be even more of a challenge, especially for those who are not very familiar with the Amsterdam/Haarlem area and it’s diverse neighborhoods. If you are new to the Amsterdam/Haarlem Area and looking for rented housing, the best and most efficient way to find a home is to engage an MVA certified expat Broker who is experienced in helping expats. When renting out your home, it is also wise to use the services of an MVA agent.

Our goal is to make this as efficient as possible for you. Our specialised Expat Brokers will contact, discuss your wishes and match those with the desired neighborhoods and properties. They have also a lot of knowledge when it comes to, a valuation report, legislation and specific financial issues around buying a home in the Amsterdam/Haarlem Area.

We provide the following services for our buyer clients:

Help you understand what you’re looking for.

We make sure you have a firm grasp on what you’re looking for and also try to challenge your thinking. We want you to understand also how your housing needs may change over time.

Help walk you through the process.

Out of the gate, we walk you through the process, explain our role, and also address the hard questions of the negotiating tactics.

In depth neighborhood knowledge.

Our agents reside throughout the Kennermerland area and we have in depth local market knowledge.

Prepare you for the purchase.

We educate you so that when you find your ideal property, you’re ready to move quickly. Sometimes, this can mean the difference between getting and not getting the home of your choice, and in some cases, can save you money.

Make Efficient Use of Your Time.

We preview homes for you and eliminate ones that won’t work, thereby making the best use of your time. We also use technology to make your life easier.

Listen to your feedback/ Tell you the good and the bad.

We are here to tell you about the benefits and drawbacks of potential properties.

Manage the process till settlement.

Once you have a ratified contract, we walk you through and help coordinate all the steps that happen after ratification and before settlement. Typically, these include home inspections, coordinating appraisals, document review (i.e. home owner association documents), final walk-throughs, etc.

It is imperative that sellers have the very best advisors and an intelligent sales and marketing plan in place if they are going to achieve the highest possible price for their properties.

In a robust market, a seller’s reward for sound execution is amplified. While sellers cannot control the market itself, there are a number of levers at their disposal, which, if executed professionally and coordinated in an intelligent plan, will maximize their chances of a successful transaction at the highest possible price.

We call these levers the “Five P’s”:


How your property is differentiated from the competition


How your property appears (inside and out) to prospective buyers


How your property is marketed


Determining the reasonable range for your property and identifying where within that range you should price given your particular circumstances and current market conditions


Delivering consistently high quality work product and customer service to remove obstacles and ensure a smooth transaction
Each one of these levers is critical and worthy of a more in-depth discussion. If you’re thinking about selling some real estate (or know someone who is), please call us for a private consultation on how we would customize our marketing plan for you.